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Random photos

This photo was taken from my cousin's house in Ernakulam district. The sun shone brightly and it was noon. That was an ideal time for taking this photo, so I took it and edited it by increasing the contrast.
The Bangalore click. Once I visited Bangalore and this photo was the one that i liked so much. Look at the plane white background!
I was on my way to Thrissur and was waiting for the train to depart. So I took out my camera and tried to focus more onto that little bird among the electric wires. but I got only this. if i further zoom-in, it could affect the quality of the photo.
This was a photo that was taken accidentally. I took this photo intended to get a sharp clear image of the christmas decoration in the house. But the lens failed to focus onto the light, but gave me a blurred image, but this was not bad either! 


This is the kitchen of a 300 years old house in Malappuram. I used to visit this house frequently to visit my grandmother. These kind of architectural marvels can help you live the hot summer  comfortable.
What you see in the picture is the ceiling of the house in the kitchen. The wood fuelled stove is used, so while cooking, there was smoke inside and because of the smoke, I was able to capture the beam of sunlight that was passing through a glass covered hole in the ceiling. Interesting?!

Flower Outside

Most of time, I look for an opportunity to take a photo. I look outside my home for it. If I dont get any idea, Ill create an atmosphere. But I didn't fail to notice this flower which had a great blend of colors from the sunlight. I took it without hesitating anymore. I further edited this by reducing the brightness and hen increasing the contrast. What I want is a very bright image with a very dark background.


When I visited malappuram, I had an opportunity of crossing the Nilambur Railroad track. I always wished to travel in train by this track. It was the perfect timing that helped me a lot in taking this shot. I was inside my vehicle at the front seat and set my camera before I clicked. When I clicked it, I was very happy to get such a photo, because this the first one of this kind I have taken till yet.
Nilambur Railway track was established during the British rule in India. They wanted to take the goods which was mainly the teak wood to the civilised areas and had this track built, connecting to the Calicut side. The Nilambur teak plantation is the oldest teak plantation in the world.

First blog post

Well..This is going to be the first post in my blog. From now, I will be showing different photos that I have taken and that Im going to take.
This picture is taken with Sony DSC H200. and has given me a lot of complements in taking it. The best part of this picture is that I have not edited this photo at all, and I have taken it in Automatic settings. It was taken immediately after a rain.