Random photos

This photo was taken from my cousin's house in Ernakulam district. The sun shone brightly and it was noon. That was an ideal time for taking this photo, so I took it and edited it by increasing the contrast.

The Bangalore click. Once I visited Bangalore and this photo was the one that i liked so much. Look at the plane white background!

I was on my way to Thrissur and was waiting for the train to depart. So I took out my camera and tried to focus more onto that little bird among the electric wires. but I got only this. if i further zoom-in, it could affect the quality of the photo.

This was a photo that was taken accidentally. I took this photo intended to get a sharp clear image of the christmas decoration in the house. But the lens failed to focus onto the light, but gave me a blurred image, but this was not bad either! 


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