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Random Clicks.

Look at this combination of the tree and the sky. The tree was so colorful that I had to take this photo. What do you find in this photo? Photograph skills of course. You cant see me and my camera reflected from the surface of this vssel! Some water droplets that I clicked a photo of. A Flower vase. I used an additional lighting source to take this photo. It was an emergency lantern.


Once a Lizard got into my house somehow. It was so colorful and the tail was orange in color, which someone presumed to be a lizard baby. Look at the stripes on its body! Almost looks like a snake if it don't have any legs..
My camera coudn't wait anymore to take its pictures.. :D :D

Random Clicks..

Spider inside my home!. It posed before my camera. It was so creepy that I was almost shaking my hands so much... But the spider ain't scared of me or my camera..or I think so..
I was collecting water that came out of the water purifier and when it made so many droplets scatter here and there, I took my camera and clicked the fringe of the vessel in which the water was being collected. I captured the moisture that was there on the other side of the Tetra Pak.

Shot at the Night.

Today was the day, when I knew how to take photos in manual mode in my camera. I fixed my camera onto my tripod and reduced the shutter speed so much that I could get a clear image at night. I focussed onto this building and clicked. it took so long for me to get it.
An occasion of taking the moon. This moon was a successful one after learning how to click images in manual mode. I got the shutter speed reduced and see how  far I have zoomed!


The sun is my favorite light source as it can produce a huge amount of light for the photos I take. But as a return, I tried to capture sun as it is. I could almost get it. The picture below was taken from my hometown, Thrissur.

This picture was taken from Malappuram.

Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker was an inspiration for my camera. As the sunlight had an important role in passing through the steam from the pressure cooker, there was this important moment that I had been waiting. I took my camera and waited for its whistle. Correct tot the seconds, I clicked it and voila!