SARGAALAYA Kerala Art and Craft Village

This was the day when I visited the Sargaalaya: Kerala Art and craft village in Vadakara in Kozhikode district in kerala. There was a very little scope for my camera to take pictures as the whole compound was prohibiting photography. I could not take any of the photos of creativity in there, but I could take some of the landscapes and buildings.
What you see above  is a small space in the middle of the compound where water is held and act as a source of water for the entire compound.So, these eagles find it more helpful to save themselves from the hot sun during the summer. 

This is the Verandah in the compound.

This picture was an interesting one. I could really see the one-point perspective  here.

How I could capture the crows. This is a kind of locally available brick which is carved out the laterite found in nature. It is important because the buildings made of this bricks can give cool effect inside the building, giving a relief from the hot summer.

This One was alone in between the eagle in the water.

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