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This boy gave me a thought about my old Bicycle. I used to ride on it so much that I was literally outside the house from 4 pm to some 7pm. Now I don't have my cycle with me. I sold it because it was getting rusted in my car-shed. Well... this boy was enjoying the 4 o'clock rain along with his other friend outside.
An old bicycle getting rusted.
Another old bicycle.

On a rainy day

I just took out the camera and then went and stood near the window presuming that I would be getting something to click. After looking around for a long time, I took this picture and got it converted to b/w.

The Monsoon arrived in Kerala

In Kerala, the monsoon started earlier this year. Well.. technically, because of the some sort of depression in the Arabian sea, There was rain all over Kerala in May too. Rain is mostly experienced by the southern Keralites.. they say north Kerala get less rainfalls than that of the south. This is taken from the rear window of a vehicle from Pattambi, Palakkad, Kerala.

The Kerala Door

If ever you get a chance to visit a very old house in Kerala, you should see the door. You can see that this door is just strong enough to protect the house. There is no particular lock or key for this kind of door.  
You can see that these wooden rods are strong enough and when they are interlocked, the door is locked and no one can open it. This mechanism suits locking from inside.