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This boy gave me a thought about my old Bicycle. I used to ride on it so much that I was literally outside the house from 4 pm to some 7pm. Now I don't have my cycle with me. I sold it because it was getting rusted in my car-shed.
Well... this boy was enjoying the 4 o'clock rain along with his other friend outside.

An old bicycle getting rusted.

Another old bicycle.

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How to install Indian Railways to MSTS.

Hello there.
After a couple of years, I have finally got  the Indian Railways added to Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS).
I'll try to explain this in simple language. Follow the steps.

1) Microsoft train simulator. Full game available at

2)Train Update.exe (Download from here).

3)MSTS patch 1.8 (Download from here).

4)Setup MSTS_SW (Download from here).

5)Xtracks (Download from here).

6)Newroads (Download from here)

After downloading these files, run the exe files into the MSTS directory (do necessary over writings).

That all the software that you need for MSTS IR.

No let us see how to add the Indian Railways Basic stuffs into the MSTS. For that, we should rely on a website called IR…