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National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA)

NATA is conducted by the Council of Architecture (CoA), New Delhi. This exam is the main entrance examination for the students who wish to pursue Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch). 
One has to register to NATA in their website( once it is available for the academic year. Then you can allot a date and centre of examination as per their choice. Once it's done, you will be getting the hall ticket which will be used at the time of reporting at the examination centre. Then you can attend the test.
From 2016, NATA the pattern of conducting examination have changed. They are as follows. 1. Starting 1stApril 2016 Candidates can attempt NATA for a maximum of5 (FIVE) TIMESwithin Two Years from the date of their First attempt.
2. The best score out of the number of attempts till date will be the “VALID SCORE ”( Maximum of 5 ).
3. "Best of 5attempts” system will be applicable for the NATA test given from 1stApril 2016 .
4.“ Validity of the “Best score”will be for 2 years from th…

Why India is still developing.

Why India is still developing is because... of us Indians. I'm not telling anything wrong about us Indians, but I'm more focussing on what we do in our daily life. We throw away the plastic on the roadside because, it's not our personal space. We spit on the ground because getting that place dirty is never going to bother us anyway. All we have done is successfully completing our personal wish. Now why are Indians like this is a very important lesson. 
Now let me speak from political version  (NOTE: I DON'T PERSONALLY SUPPORT ANY PARTY ON THEIR PARTY IDEALS AND VISION) Narendra Modi, our Prime Minister is said to be touring around the world when Indians are still struggling for living. Many people don't support him because, his versions are not matching with their party ideals and vision. So, the PM's idea for developments has to be withdrawn. let me tell you my vision about PM's tourings.
Consider a boy who gets a chance to play with a ball. Unfortunately, the …

How to install Indian Railways to MSTS.

Hello there.
After a couple of years, I have finally got  the Indian Railways added to Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS).
I'll try to explain this in simple language. Follow the steps.

1) Microsoft train simulator. Full game available at

2)Train Update.exe (Download from here).

3)MSTS patch 1.8 (Download from here).

4)Setup MSTS_SW (Download from here).

5)Xtracks (Download from here).

6)Newroads (Download from here)

After downloading these files, run the exe files into the MSTS directory (do necessary over writings).

That all the software that you need for MSTS IR.

No let us see how to add the Indian Railways Basic stuffs into the MSTS. For that, we should rely on a website called IR…

Cops pay the bill for a couple.

The relation between cops and the citizens in the US are not good at times. People believe that they might get harassed by the cops in private or public. But all of them are not at all the same.
This happened at a restaurant in Pittsburgh when a group of four officers from Homestead and  Whitaker walked into a restaurant to get refreshed. A couple who were sitting next to the officers felt discomfort and changed their place from there. What it meant was the citizen didn't feel safe sitting next to some police officers, who were supposed to protect them. But these officers didn't get angry on this action at all. Officer Strang thought of an idea, which was to pay off the couple's bill. So, they paid $28.50 along with a tip of $10 for their meal. What the police wishes to convey is that they are not there for hurting anybody, but to help the people, to keep good relationship between the cops and the community.

There was a note on the bill: "Sir, your check was paid by …