Cops pay the bill for a couple.

The relation between cops and the citizens in the US are not good at times. People believe that they might get harassed by the cops in private or public. But all of them are not at all the same.

This happened at a restaurant in Pittsburgh when a group of four officers from Homestead and  Whitaker walked into a restaurant to get refreshed. A couple who were sitting next to the officers felt discomfort and changed their place from there. What it meant was the citizen didn't feel safe sitting next to some police officers, who were supposed to protect them.
Officer Chuck Thomas along with his fellow officers.
But these officers didn't get angry on this action at all. Officer Strang thought of an idea, which was to pay off the couple's bill. So, they paid $28.50 along with a tip of $10 for their meal. What the police wishes to convey is that they are not there for hurting anybody, but to help the people, to keep good relationship between the cops and the community.

The note from the officers.
There was a note on the bill: "Sir, your check was paid by the police officer, that you didn't want to sit next to."

Thank you Officers for showing the people that Cops are not to be afraid of, but to be trusted. Hope this relationship is kept forever.

Sriram Warrier
Kerala, India.



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