How to install Indian Railways to MSTS.

Hello there.
After a couple of years, I have finally got  the Indian Railways added to Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS).
I'll try to explain this in simple language. Follow the steps.

1) Microsoft train simulator. Full game available at

2)Train Update.exe (Download from here).

3)MSTS patch 1.8 (Download from here).

4)Setup MSTS_SW (Download from here).

5)Xtracks (Download from here).

6)Newroads (Download from here)

After downloading these files, run the exe files into the MSTS directory (do necessary over writings).

That all the software that you need for MSTS IR.

No let us see how to add the Indian Railways Basic stuffs into the MSTS. For that, we should rely on a website called Click here for the website.

What we need are the following.

1) A small world-Signal Test route.
This route contains no stations or any geographical objects. All you can see is just your train and a road with vehicles on it. This is basically a test route.

2)A Small World- Indian Railway Coach Pack 1
This consist of the basic Indian bogeys that are to be installed into the MSTS folder.

3)A Small World- Indian Loco pack 1
This consist of the basic locomotives ( both Diesel and Electric locomotives) that are supposed to be installed into the MSTS folder.

All set. Download the files.

Installing  the Signal test route.
-Open the zip file (aswtest).
-Copy paste ROUTES to the Route folder in the MSTS folder. (files will not be overwritten, but will be modified.)

-Now copy the SOUNDS into the MSTS folder.
-Now open trains and copy CONSIST to the Train folder in MSTS folder.

Installing the Indian Railway Coach Pack 1.
-Open the zip file.
-Open the TRAINS folder.
-Copy TRAINSET into the TRAIN folder in MSTS.

Installing Indian Loco pack 1
-Open the Zip.
-Copy the SOUNDS to the MSTS.
-Copy the TRAINS to trains folder in MSTS.

Now all the main downloads are over. For more add-ons, you can download from the same website.

If you want to add more route or activity or even quality Locomotives and Trains, you should download from
Before proceeding to search or download, you must sign in to this website. After signing in, go to Popdown bar called File Library. Then click on Search files. after that, type the keyword and then download.

That's it. I have downloaded the KeralaV2 for my MSTS and I have route from Ernakulam Junction (South) to Thiruvananthapuram Central.

Some of the links I have referred.
Installing MSTS IR via Watch this Youtube video.
Installing MSTS IR via Visit this Blog.

Now you are ready to drive an Indian train on Indian track.

Happy gaming.


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