National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA)

NATA is conducted by the Council of Architecture (CoA), New Delhi. This exam is the main entrance examination for the students who wish to pursue Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch). 

One has to register to NATA in their website( once it is available for the academic year. Then you can allot a date and centre of examination as per their choice. Once it's done, you will be getting the hall ticket which will be used at the time of reporting at the examination centre. Then you can attend the test.

From 2016, NATA the pattern of conducting examination have changed. They are as follows.
1. Starting 1st April 2016 Candidates can attempt NATA for a maximum of 5 (FIVE) TIMES within Two Years from the date of their First attempt.

2. The best score out of the number of attempts till date will be the “ VALID SCORE ” ( Maximum of 5 ).

3.  "Best of 5 attempts” system will be applicable for the NATA test given from 1st April 2016 .

4. “ Validity of the “Best score” will be for 2 years from the date of their first attempt in 2016.

4. A new NATA Registration form is to be submitted online by the candidate at the NATA website for every attempt and the required Fee to be Paid for Every attempt.
5. The mark list will show the “ best marks “ scored by the candidate among all his previous attempts  ( Maximum of 5 ) as “VALID SCORE“

6. For determining the “ best of 5”  for the students who appeared for NATA test before 2016, 5 ( Five ) more attempts will be allowed and their earlier “last valid score” also will be considered for obtaining the Best Score and for such students the validity of their “Valid score” will be 2 years from the date of their First attempt in 2016.

7. If any candidate is found registering afresh concealing the earlier appearance (including registered but exam not given cases ) for NATA test, he / she will forfeit his / her candidature and further his / her all previous scores will be cancelled and he / she will be barred from appearing for NATA again.         
(These information are copy pasted as such from NATA website)


The test totally consist of 3 hours. Two hours for drawing and One hour for online test.The Test mainly of of two sessions which are Drawing test and Aptitude test.

First you will be receiving the drawing questions. The number of questions are 3. One question is of 50 marks and the other two questions 25 each. So students will think of completing the questions by taking one hour for the 50 marks question and the half hour each for the 25 marks questions. But it will not work successfully. What the expert suggest is than you must take 40 minutes for the 50 marks question and 20 minutes each for the 25 marks question. So after attempting all the 3 questions, you still have 45 minutes left for giving the final touch (This is how time management works)

In the three questions, one 25 marks question will be about color-composition i.e you have to do the question with pleasing color combination. The next 25 marks question will be about configuration or arrangement of several objects into a pleasing way. The 50 marks question should be given more importance as the concept of perspective is to be concentrated more.

Pencils of good quality is important. One can use the H pencil for outline, HB for light shading. You can use pencils upto 4B. More than 4B can cause smudging and can spoil the quality of your images and that can reduce your mark.

Color pencils are best preferred to the other color materials like crayons, water color wax crayons etc.


This is the online test that you will take in NATA exam. The questions can be asked from anywhere related to identifying building, observations, english, mathematics, different views of objects and many other areas. This test  have no prescribed syllabus. You are supposed to expect any kind of questions.

There will be 40 questions. each question has its own marks. Each question has to be completed within 90 seconds. After 90 seconds, the next question will appear. So it is better to keep up with time and speed in answering and thinking. You can attempt any choice if you are not at all sure about the answer because there is no NEGATIVE MARKING.

Four days after the test, your score will be available to download from the scorecard link in the NATA website. This score is valid for two years after taking the NATA test.If you have a score less that 80, you are not qualified. Else you may give your choice of opting B.Arch to the college.

80-100              Good
100-120            Excellent
120 -150           Outstanding
150-200            ( I have no words to say :P )

Thats all about NATA as far as I have gained knowledge about it.

I have scored 119/200 in the first attempt. Second time, I scored 134/200. I gave the score for the KEAM and I secured a rank of 483 in Kerala. Unfortunately, I couldn't get into any govt college as there are only 4 govt college and 40 seats in each of them. But I got merit seat in DG College of architecture, Kozhikode.

If you have doubt on reading this, contact me via mail. I can try my best to help you.

With regards,
Thank you.
Sriram Warrier, Kozhikode


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