Why India is still developing.

Why India is still developing is because... of us Indians. I'm not telling anything wrong about us Indians, but I'm more focussing on what we do in our daily life. We throw away the plastic on the roadside because, it's not our personal space. We spit on the ground because getting that place dirty is never going to bother us anyway. All we have done is successfully completing our personal wish.
Now why are Indians like this is a very important lesson. 

Now let me speak from political version 
Narendra Modi, our Prime Minister is said to be touring around the world when Indians are still struggling for living. Many people don't support him because, his versions are not matching with their party ideals and vision. So, the PM's idea for developments has to be withdrawn. let me tell you my vision about PM's tourings.

Consider a boy who gets a chance to play with a ball. Unfortunately, the ball is in a deep well. he needs the ball badly. He can't jump simply into the well. He might get the ball, but he can't come out of the well then. So, he plot a plan to take it and clean it. He notices some tree and around the well. He then ties thick ropes on the trees and to himself. Further, he descents into the well and takes the ball successfully and pull himself up using the ropes tied.

If you consider PM to be this boy, the well as the present state of India ( full of undevelopment and poverty, scarcity of education, corruption), the ropes as the bureaucrats who serve the PMO, the trees as the Countries he visits and finally the Ball as India. My dear fellow indians, you wont ever complain about his foreign visits anymore. 

We Indians still needs the courage and strength to appreciate what people do for us. Not to complain about what they do with us. Say.. If people like Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi,Arvind Kejriwal appreciated what the ruling government does, India could be even better. If these people could use their ideas together in harmony rather than demanding and questioning, India could stand in harmony.

Being together
It is the natural calamities and disasters that bring the Indians together irrespective of the cast, creed, gender, religion, political party or any form of divisions. Since all the rules prescribed by the Indian Penal Code are applicable to each and every person who can be called Indian, everyone is to be considered equal.

All I wish to convey is to be satisfied with what we have. We have a good government and we should accept their policies instead of questioning. Well. it must depend of the people who accepts the govt on their own. A governing body should not have any party powers on its subjects.

India is a land of opportunities if People have their support on their fellow beings.

That's all for now.

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Thank you
with regards,
Sriram Warrier



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