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GNK #2

Let us work on another photo. Here, I have taken the photo of a cat that used to take nap in my balcony.

GNK #1: Color Efex Pro 4

GNK(Google Nik Collection)
Let us start the journey of editing the photos using Color Efex Pro. Due to poor quality of the camera ( for that instance) or because of your bad experience in clicking, the photos can get a little greyish,, or you can say that the photo that you clicked is not satisfactory for you. So Color efex pro can help you a lot here.

Google Nik Collection

Google's Nik Collection is a very simple and interesting photo editing tool. Earlier, it was a paid version, but now it's free to download.
If you are a professional photographer, or an ameteur photographer, Googlw Nik collection can be an effective tool for editing the photos you have take. Google Nik collections contains many different softwares. They are as follows.
1) Color Efex Pro 4: A very good software that can help you to edit your photo with a variety of filters in it. You can convert your photo into a B/W or you can convert it into an interesting colorful image.
2) Analog Efex Pro: If you wish to give your image an old look, with a few scratches and fading effects, this tool will be helpful. In this, you can even choose the type of film that you wished to get your image appear in.

These are the two main tools I use to edit my photos. The rest of them are as follows.
3)Silver Efex Pro
5)HDR Efex Pro
6)Sharpener Pro

Thought I have these downloaded, I…

Just for a background image.

After I came to know about the camera of Nokia 6303i classic, I started taking photos with it. It was truly a great experience talking photos in this phone camera. I took this photo for making this as the background image of the phone.

How I take Photograph #3

This is Photo #3

 Wonder what this is? Well..this is the moisture on the backside of the recycled tetra pak. These recycled stuffs are used to cover the food packet which we buy from the restaurant. Once I saw this moisture and tried to click this, but these drops were so small then, I set aside these and ate the food. After eating the food, I looked at this once again. I saw that the small moisture droplets have joined together to become a big drop. That is what you see below.

How I took this picture was by giving an additional light using an emergency lamp. The light from the tubelight was not enough for this. As it was night, I couldn't bring this outside either. So I took an emergency lamp and illuminated this thing which gave the drops a beauty. I clicked it and edited it by reducing the brightness and increasing the Contrast.

How I take Photo #2

This is photo #2

This photo was taken from a building terrace in Bangalore. What I appreciate before taking this photo is that the sunlight was in plenty, moreover the background was perfect white that could spread the light evenly and would reflect back. This could give me a great picture to take with the flash on.
I took this picture with automatic settings.Initially, there was some dull look on the plant. But I edited it by increasing the contrast and then reducing the brightness. This would increase the brown color on the plant give more effect on the viewers.

How I take Photograph #1

How I take photograph is going to be a series of the posts that describes how I set up the scene and how I take the Photo. This is the photo #1.
This photo has been taken from a 300 years old house which followed traditional Kerala architecture. So what you see in this photo is the ceiling of a Kitchen. These ceiling are made with clay. The key features of this are that it can provide cool atmosphere inside the home during hot summer, Well.. if there are trees around, you can enjoy one of the best comfortable life in these sort of house. When I was taking this photo, I put the camera into the Manual mode settings. Further, I had to reduce the shutter speed also. Then I put the ISO as 800. My main objective to take a tyndall effect

What is there in this photo: This is a kitchen where wood stoves are being used. and the light source in the ceiling is a hole covered with a glass so as to make the natural sunlight, the source of the illumination inside the room. So, because of the smoke …

Translation in Hangouts.


If at all you wish to have a conversation with another person who speaks a different language. (Say you speak english and the person at the other end speaks Portuguese), you have to open another tab and then open the Google translator. It would be very difficult for you to get the language translated this way. Let me tell you an easy way for this.

You can add bots in your hangouts. These bots are like persons on the other side of the computer. For example, I you use the spanish bot, when you enter english word HELLO, you will be replied with HOLA.

How to add these bots.

Once you open the hangout section in Gmail, go to search bar upon the hangouts and then use tis format to choose the bot.

(From language)2(To language)

Eg: If you want to use an English Portuguese bot, type this.

Then Invite the bot.

For other languages codings, see here

That's all. Now you need not open a new tab and get the texts…