GNK #1: Color Efex Pro 4

GNK(Google Nik Collection)
Let us start the journey of editing the photos using Color Efex Pro. Due to poor quality of the camera ( for that instance) or because of your bad experience in clicking, the photos can get a little greyish,, or you can say that the photo that you clicked is not satisfactory for you. So Color efex pro can help you a lot here.

For a sample photo, I am going to take this photo that I clicked from Kozhikode beach in the evening. The photo is as shown

This is a photo that is not edited with any software or tool. In my opinion, I wish to add more effects like darkening the background, or increasing the color-contrast of the image so that the are where people are standing are a little more darker. With the Color Efex Pro, I will show how these things are done.

Here you go.. I have edited this photo by increasing the color contrast (Mainly giving the color to yellow) then I have reduced the brightness and increased the contrast. After that I have reduced the shadows. As a result, I got this image which is quite beautiful.. (I believe so :P )

As you can see the changes that took place are,
the clouds have become more darker, the sunlight is not spreading that much, the brightness and the contrast on the region where the people are present is limited.

For more, wait and see. Ill post more in these series.


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