GNK #2

Let us work on another photo. Here, I have taken the photo of a cat that used to take nap in my balcony.

As you can see, this photo has got no specific defect, but it is just perfect and beautiful. But, when you compare the picture in the Color Efex Pro, you can feel like editing this photo.

I have opened this photo in the Color Efex Pro 4.

This is the initial appearance when you open a photo in Color Efex Pro 4. Though it looks a little geeky and complicated, it is just simple to edit your photo. This is the initial filter that is applied on the photo. You can see that there is a red line in the middle portion of the photo. The part on the left of the line is the BEFORE and on the left, the AFTER. 

I wish to add a filter that gives a slight goldish effect. More like a Sepia, but not exactly sepia. For that, I'm choosing this filter named Color Stylizer. All the filters are there on the left side of the window. 

After adding the Color Styliser, I get such a photo.

Now, that I have got a photo that I wished for. A few settings has been done to, like the Contrast and the Saturation. You can adjust them for you own texture and color blend that you feel like adding to.

And here comes the final picture.

Its you wish you can add a watermark. Anyway, Im not adding mine into it.


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