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Google Nik Collection

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Google Nik Collection.
Google's Nik Collection is a very simple and interesting photo editing tool. Earlier, it was a paid version, but now it's free to download.

If you are a professional photographer, or an ameteur photographer, Googlw Nik collection can be an effective tool for editing the photos you have take. Google Nik collections contains many different softwares. They are as follows.

1) Color Efex Pro 4: A very good software that can help you to edit your photo with a variety of filters in it. You can convert your photo into a B/W or you can convert it into an interesting colorful image.

2) Analog Efex Pro: If you wish to give your image an old look, with a few scratches and fading effects, this tool will be helpful. In this, you can even choose the type of film that you wished to get your image appear in.

These are the two main tools I use to edit my photos. The rest of them are as follows.
3)Silver Efex Pro
5)HDR Efex Pro
6)Sharpener Pro

Thought I have these downloaded, I haven't yet started experimenting on them. Ill show the trials eventually.

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