How I take Photograph #1

How I take photograph is going to be a series of the posts that describes how I set up the scene and how I take the Photo.
This is the photo #1.

This photo has been taken from a 300 years old house which followed traditional Kerala architecture. So what you see in this photo is the ceiling of a Kitchen. These ceiling are made with clay. The key features of this are that it can provide cool atmosphere inside the home during hot summer, Well.. if there are trees around, you can enjoy one of the best comfortable life in these sort of house.
When I was taking this photo, I put the camera into the Manual mode settings. Further, I had to reduce the shutter speed also. Then I put the ISO as 800. My main objective to take a tyndall effect

What is there in this photo: This is a kitchen where wood stoves are being used. and the light source in the ceiling is a hole covered with a glass so as to make the natural sunlight, the source of the illumination inside the room. So, because of the smoke from the wood stove, the light rays have been traced which could cause a great Photo clicked. Further, I edited this by lowering the brightness and increasing the contrast.


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