How I take Photograph #3

This is Photo #3

 Wonder what this is? Well..this is the moisture on the backside of the recycled tetra pak. These recycled stuffs are used to cover the food packet which we buy from the restaurant. Once I saw this moisture and tried to click this, but these drops were so small then, I set aside these and ate the food. After eating the food, I looked at this once again. I saw that the small moisture droplets have joined together to become a big drop. That is what you see below.

How I took this picture was by giving an additional light using an emergency lamp. The light from the tubelight was not enough for this. As it was night, I couldn't bring this outside either. So I took an emergency lamp and illuminated this thing which gave the drops a beauty. I clicked it and edited it by reducing the brightness and increasing the Contrast.


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