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Hey there! It had been a while since I have posted anything.
I'm sorry about my last post. These days I had been busy with my college life. I had a hell lot of works to complete, so many sheets to draft and sketch, so many models to make, and finally submissions. The final submissions will be followed by reworks and redo. Mostly reworks. That's it. Now I have holidays or onw month, and I presume I can be able to blog till this vacation ends.

Yea back to work.

Recently I tried to click some photos using my camera. Unfortunately it refused to work properly. Though I missed some shots, I thought of break opening the camera, but I found out that one of the battery is not fitting in properly. I made a guess that there was something in there in those battery holes. I had an investigation on it. I found out that the chemical compounds from the batteries leaked out and had been sticking onto those metal jambs like a dried up cow dung but in smaller!. I cleaned it up using some small narrow metal rods and the batteries made its way back into its hole. To my surprise, it started working again.

My camera again worked...

I clicked a couple of photos with it and edited it with the new Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 (My new tool... But don't worry... I wont leave you Color Efex Pro..)

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Hello there.
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I'll try to explain this in simple language. Follow the steps.

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