This is just an introduction to my next posts related to different Architect ude and ideologies of different people all around the globe.

Architecture in my opinion has to do something with the discipline of a participate traditional or say..the culture of a particular place.

Architect don't just create a plan election and section for a building.

Some Architects work on the clients description or rather one can say that the client just speak out what he or she might have dreamt of. But that kind of architecture is for gulfil kung client dream. In that process the whole of our ideas and creativities can not be explained.

There are some other people who put their entire creativities into the space. One such person is the Sri Lankan Architect Geoffrey Bawa.

He was born in the british Ceylon to a rich lawyer. Since he had money, he went on touring places and at one time he had his life almost settled in Italy. He tell in love with the culture there. The tropical homes. But he had to come back to Sri Lanka .

He came back to settle down here and he bought a big land near Colombo best for tropical homes. He did make such a home there for Dr bartholomeusz.

And that was one of his marvellous work.

This is how some Architects are born to create. Well in this case, he became an architect at a later age when he thought he was unable to design his own home though he went to law school till then.


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