There are different kinds of people on this planet. Which means, men and women can be classified further again. Some people help another, while some don't bother others at all.

When you need to understand people, you should take a chance to get out of the house leaving the technology behind and observe different people. What they do within their particular radius will reflect a lot about them. Somebody spits on a public space. The person proves himself that he is not bothered about the public space or say...He has got no respect to the environment.

Once I asked such a person, 'Hey! Is it respectful to spit on the road? The road is getting dirty!'. He gave a reply that it will rain soon and that what he spat would be washed away eventually. I had no answer. For once he was right. I walked away.

Another person is nearby my house. He lost control over his legs and his wheelchair does the locomotion for him. I used to see him almost everyday. He always smiled at everyone. I could see that he always smiled and that no one ignored his presence and he was a part of the society.

What I must appreciate is that he comes out of his house to this junction to sell the lottery tickets. Without complaining about what he lost, he is quite happy that he is working.

He used to push the wheelchair himself. At times when I'm going in the same direction as of him, i pushes the wheelchair for him telling him to relax.

For him he don't want him to be a burden for me so he chats with me. He asks questions about where I come from, what my father is doing..Like that.

Everytime he asks the same set of questIon but I'm not irritated at all. All I could achieve is happiness.

While I went on for a college trip, it was the bus crew with whom I kept company with. Why because I really wanted to appreciate them for making this happen. The trip was successfully because they did what they had to do properly and that some extra addons were also included by them. But for the people who enjoy the trip, those people were just driver, cleaners and people in the crew.

These are a very few examples of people in our present day life.

What I wished to convey is that get out and play with the world. ;)


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