Pondichery is situated in south India. It is situated in TamilNadu, but not in the TN state. It is the Union Territory and the Government of India has got the direct control over it.

After the British left India, the French colonies still had their powers in India. So after thy left India, such small colonies were regarded as UT. Pondichery as got a small area in North Kerala as well.

So what I'm talking about is the culture there. Ther are not only the Indians, but settlers from different countries. People has got liberty to do anything legal here without any stereotypes or chauvinism. Here, everything is for everyone.

When I got down the bus early morning in pondichery, a group of autorikshaws came and took me to the room where rooms were reserved. After reaching there  a cab was arranged by the buys who owned the rooms. Thanks to them.

My pondichery visit along with four friends of mine was to do a case study on a weekend home. We did that successfully. I'll write in detail about it in my next blog.

After the case study we had a long walk inside the auroville. But one can get a bike or a bicycle for rent.

By evening I came back to my room and had a powernap. By 6in the evening we checked out. My friends going towards kozhikode and I was going towards ernakulam so we're were in two buses.

And after several changing of vehicles i presume i have got in the right bus and right now I'm writing from the bus. 👌👍

Now back to Kerala.


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