Each of the individual has a particular space that he or she always wishes to be the most private space. No wonder everything in ones life happiness and sadness happens to experience a part of it in these private space.

These spaces are mostly created eventually after settling down at that particular part of the home or the building. It's the time that make you and the space one. But for some other people who can afford to make such space have a chance to create their own space.
For example.. most people build homes for the sake of home only. For the utility for the family as a whole. But for the people who have extra cash in the account can invest to create this space.

The only problem is to get used to with the space

Well.. the architects have a major role in composition of the spaces. It is not that simple to compose a design. We have to follow certain rule regarding the directions, positions of the rooms and chambers etc etc

In kerala we have an ancient rules called vasthu shasthra. It is mostly related to architecture. Though I don't know more about it, i do follow some of the basic common rule.

En example would be the position of the kitchen. Well.. it is always facing the east direction. Why because in old kerala homes, the kitchens didn't used gas and stove but pieces of wood to fire up. So the wind was not directing from east so there won't be that smoke from the stove. Also the rays if the sun will hit onto the kitchen and that the time germs are all killed.

(This is typical example of Kerala architecture)

The architectural styles differs from each and every places on the entire globe.

Spaces are not just arrangement of rooms or enclosure. It is the hardwork and calculations of an architect.


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