In my opinion, travelling is a very important part of the professional life. While you are a part of the busy system, you have got the opportunities to explore what's happening around you. How things are being administered. Why are certain activities conducted etc.
For a photographer, travelling gives hin so many opportunities to click so many photos.

Another aspect of travelling is that you will be out of the pressure from the work and gets a relief both physically and mentally. The more you travel the more you are refreshed.

Everyone has got a style for travelling as well.. take the case of a person who has got an interest in travelling frequently. That person will be fully equipped with all the stuffs he /she needs while travelling. But if you take the case of an architect who has got a frequent travelling habits, most probably he would be having a sketchbook with him. Some people travel in their private vehicle, some uses the public transport like buses, train, and other modes.

The most important result in travelling to places is that you really get ot know that the geography ia changing from place to place. The culture and the lifestyle is changing from place to place.
For example, once you get into the state of Tamil Nadu from Kerala via Palakkad, the change in geography and culture could be distinguished very well.

That's how travelling work.
Explore a lot.


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