Working with Digital Art

When Its time for you to expand your creativity level, you must make sure you have to try out something which is new to you.

I gave a try in the Digital Art after I have seen so many digital art from different people. I used to browse more on these because I needed a theme for making an art of my own. In my initial trials, I used the Autodesk Sketchbook on my android device. I used a stencil back then. It was really difficult for me to transfer my ideas onto my digital canvas. So I started out b taking traces of several faces. I used to do several of the portrait photos of people whom I knew and some of the famous people.
What I could take away home with me was that each stroke had its own property. For example, for a best composition no stroke should intersect in certain series of strokes of brush. No one teaches you this but has to figure it out. On the other way, there is no wrong because some other set of people might find it so good. It depends. Its my view.

Then I moved on to the Adobe Illustrator draw. In that there were more definitions to each brushes and I personally found them better than Sketchbook.

Then I created a work for the first time in my experience that took me about three hours to complete that entire work. I did that for one sitting. It was an illustration of an eye which had good blending of colors in it.

Open this link for youtube video.

Another link of illustration of Arnold Schwarzenneger

Then after that, I got into the Adobe Sketch which was not that better than the Draw, but for an entirely another kind of artistic work, the Sketch is better.
The works I do will be given treatments like color adjustments, brightness, cropping and stuffs like that in the Google Snapseed.
These are the process I do to each of my art before I publish them/ exhibit them on my social platform.
I have also given a try drawing a Mustang GT on the Autodesk Sketchbook on my Notebook PC as well. In fact the Sketchbook works better on the Notebook PC and I liked it so much.


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